MAN Cummins 500kW 800kW 1000kW natural gas engine generator & CHP ETTES POWER
MAN 400kW 500kW biogas fueled generator & combined heat and power CHP ETTES POWER
MAN 500kW 1000kW container farm biogas generator & CHP CCHP ETTES POWER
MWM 1000kW 1MW landfill biogas engine generator CHP ETTES POWER
MAN 400kW 500kW container biogas powered generator & CHP ETTES POWER
MWM 1000kW biogas engine generator cogeneration & CHP ETTES POWER
MAN MWM 500kW 1000kW biogas power plant & cogeneration CHP ETTES POWER
MAN Cummins 1000kW 1MW waste water biogas power plant ETTES POWER
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About ETTES CHP/DER System

In the field of distributed Energy systems, ETTES POWER is a professional supplier for distributed CHP systems (Combined Heat and Power) of Natural Gas and Biogas. Related products business scope includes CHP equipment, Gas generator sets, heat management system, biogas desulfurization system, biogas holders, automatic engineering control system, project life cycle management software, transmission and distribution agent service, power plant construction and EPC project management. Application fields are vast including hotels, hospitals, schools, gym and fitness centers, commercial buildings, greenhouses etc. We provide an independent and efficient distributed energy system with overall efficiency over 82%, providing the heat and power to customers. Biogas sources can be from paper mills, food industry, large scale breeding and municipal solid waste sewage areas etc. Biogas from anaerobic treatment will be the fuel for the cogeneration CHP system, the heat generated will be used for anaerobic digestion and the power can be transmitted to the mains-grid.
We have rich experience in the fields of CHP system design, operation and maintenance in the global market. Ettes Power is able to provide complete equipment concerning gas power plants, customized distributed CHP-Cogeneration system solutions and turnkey solutions, investment budget analysis for investors, training on operations & maintenance and thorough after-sales services.
We always provide highly valuable green energy products to our customers, which are safe, advanced and environmentally protective. We would like to work together with global investors and project contractors based on principles of efficient, professional, honest, innovative, responsible and win-win strategy.
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Some Key Concepts


CHP/CSHP is Combined Steam, Heat and Power or cogeneration, which is the highly efficient process of combusting gas to generate both electricity and thermal energy simultaneously. The by-product heat produced by the electricity generation process(exhaust gas and hot cylinder water) is captured by a heat recovery module and can be reused to produce useful heat in the form of hot air, hot water or steam.


CHP Cogeneration ETTES POWER




CCHP (Combined Cooling Heating and Power) system is also known as a combined cooling, heating and power system. The distributed combined cooling, heating and power system is a solution for comprehensive cascade utilization of energy, and the total energy utilization rate can reach 75% to 90%. It uses hydropower, bioenergy, wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, natural gas, waste energy or industrial waste heat, and other resources that can generate electricity or heat as primary energy sources, and combines power generation systems with heating and cooling systems on a small scale. , A comprehensive energy supply mode in which dots are distributed near the user. So as to meet the needs of users for energy such as heat, electricity, and cold. The CCHP system not only enables users to form an energy supply system by themselves, but also can be connected to the grid for operation. The system has relative independence, flexibility and safety. The CCHP system can operate independently or in parallel, to meet the needs of users with different power loads.


Ettes Power Gas Engine Generators CHPs running diagram Ettespower Group



DER(Distribution Energy Resource)


Distributed energy resource (DER) is a small-scale unit of power generation that operates locally and is connected to a larger power grid at the distribution level. DERs include solar panels, small natural gas-fueled generators, electric vehicles and controllable loads, such as HVAC systems and electric water heaters. An important distinction of a DER is that the energy it produces is often consumed close to the source. 


When using renewable power sources, the intermittent nature of some resources creates a need for using multiple renewable resources, as well as a means to tie them together, manage and store their output. Energy storage such as batteries and flywheels are required for hardware such as wind and other turbine types, solar panels, and tidal generation units. In order to get the most of the energy produced, these power sources and storage devices need to be tightly managed by way of electronic management devices, which include inverters and software such as Storage Distributed Resource Schedulers (SDRS).



DERs are commonly used to manage a number of smaller power generation and storage methods in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. They may be used by utility providers, businesses and individuals in the production and storage of renewable power or for backup power sources. The technologies are fundamental requirements of more advanced power grids such as smart grids.


Natural Gas Engine CHP/Trigeneration

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ETTES POWER, a leading manufacture in China for complete natural gas engine generators from 20kW upto 3MW, the suitable fuels can be PNG, LNG, CNG, Oilfield Associated Petroleum Gas, Coalmine Methane Gas etc…

Biogas Engine Cogenerations

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ETTES POWER, a leading manufacture in China for complete biogas engine generators from 20kW upto 2000kW, the suitable fuels can be farm digester biogas, landfill biogas (LFG), sewage-water biogas and straw-biogas etc…

Projects of Gas Generator & CHP

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6MW Gas Power Plant to Oilfield Peru Latin America                          2MW Farm Digester Biogas Power Plant in Ireland

After Sales Service of CHP Systems

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ETTS Container Gas Generator & CHP Commissioning in Afica          BV Witness Testing and Commissioning of ETTES Gas Generators

Typical Gas Applications Fields

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Typical Machinery Design

 Ettes Power Cummins Natural Gas Engine Generator Set CHP Ettespower  Ettes Power Cummins Natural Gas Engine Generator CHP Ettespower   Ettes Power Cummins Gas Engine Generator CHP Ettespower

Production Standards

  • Prevailing Industry Standards: ISO3046ISO8528GB2820, BS5000PT99,AS1359,IEC34, DIN6271, BS5514.
  • ISO Standards: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, ISO45001 (former OHSAS 18001)
  • National & Regional Comformity Standards: CE, UL, EPA, CSA and SONCAP etc.
  • Third Party Verification: SGS, CCS, BV, ABS, and DNV-GL etc.  

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