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For ETTES Gensets power rating at 20~500kW
ETTES soundproof canopy type generators, adopting advanced design, high quality materials, and strictly tested in harsh working conditions, vastly applications for both diesel fueled engines and gas fueled engines, mainly for indoor use with function of super silent. ETTES POWER low noise canopy engine generating sets are hot cakes in global markets including America, Europe, Latin America, Africa and South-Eastern countries and regions.


MAN MWM Methane Gas Engine Generator & CCHP 300kW 500kW ETTES POWER
MAN MWM Natural Gas Engine Generator CHP Cogeneration 500kW ETTES POWER
1000kW 1MW Container Gas CHP MAN MWM Natural Gas Engine Generation-ETTES POWER
MAN MWM Biogas Engine Generator CHP Cogeneration 300kW ETTES POWER
MAN MWM Biogas Generator CHP Cogeneration 300kW 500kW ETTES POWER
MAN MWM Natural Gas Engine Generator set CHP 200kW ETTES POWER
Soundproof Canopy 200kW Cummins Gas Generator Set ETTES POWER
300kw 500kw Cummins Container natural gas Biogas Engine Generator set ETTES POWER
Soundproof Silent Canopy Diesel Engine Generators-ETTES POWER
Soundproof Cummins K19 K38 Natural Gas Generator ETTES POWER
BV Witness Testing of Cummins Gas Generators ETTES POWER
300kW 500kW Containerized Generator for inspection & Testing-ETTES POWER
MAN MWM Series 500kW Containerized Gas CHP-ETTES POWER
GL Certified 2MW Natural Engine Generator-ETTES POWER
Low noise Canopy 250kVa Cummins Gas Generator ETTES POWER
Sound Attenuated Canopy natural gas Cummins generating set ETTES POWER
Silent Canopy 300kW Cummins Gas Generation ETTES POWER



The canopy is made of high quality steel and powder coated. The paint is highly endurable against erosion and scratch, and strongly rustproof.


Design, production and testing of the generator sets comply with EU, CE safety standard.
Equipped with circuit breaker when engine stops in emergency for avoiding possible electric shock risk when re-start.
The controller has a history operation recording function for troubleshooting and inspection.


Modular Designed

The canopy is modular designed and manufactured for plug and play.
Small indoor space required for installation.
Easy to install and disassemble, convenient for maintenance and inspection.


Environmentally Friendly, Low Noise, Low Emission

The noise level can be reduced by 15-35dB(A) through multiple noise control devices, which ensure quiet operations, thus having no effect on daily activities. This feature makes our generators ideal for use at night in residential areas, offices and other environments which are sensitive to noise. Cleaner exhaust, less effect on the environment, even in outdoor applications.Ettes Power 500kW MAN Silent gas generator CHP Ettespower Group
World-top engines
Adopting world-top engines, with low noise and low emission.
Rugged structure ensures lowest vibration.
Common rail system: (for some models), significantly decrease the combustion temperature, and also leads to cleaner exhaust.
For the turbocharged engines, the carbon dioxide (CO2) emission of ETTES generation unit is reduced.
Excellent silencers
Silencer and muffler pipe system effectively reduce the noise during operation, allowing for uninterrupted operations.
Fully closed noise reduction
Besides applying airproof rubber around the doors, the concept of noise reduction has also been fully integrated into the inlet/outlet and all other components.
High quality sound absorbing materials
The interior is lined with new type fire retardant and sound absorbing cottons, and the door is air proof with rubber that is designed for car doors use only, which helps absorb noise and heat during operation.


Wide applicability for Various Engine Brands



Cummins diesel & gas engines series of 4B,6B,6C,N855,K19,K38,K50 etc.


MAN gas engines series of E0834, E0836, E2848, E2876, E2676, E3268 and E3262 etc.


MWM gas engines Series of TCG3016 (CG132), TCG2020 (CG170) and TCG2032 (CG260) etc.


 CNPC gas engines series of 6140, 12V190, G12V190 and H16V190,H20V190 etc.


Easy to Operate

Control system
Micro-processor cored digital system
Multiple languages, automatic control
● Connected with the mains through ATS, which can help realize automatic transfer between the mains and the generators. Also, multiple generators can be paralleled for bigger power needs.
Humanized design
The oil drainage pump is located in the side door for easy operation.
New type waterproof door lock is easy to lock and open.
● Clear labeling in visible positions, providing adequate information, safety presentation and convenience for operators. The labels are made of advanced materials, featured with excellent high-temperature resistance, rainproof and weatherproof performance.
Convenient connection
Terminal connection lugs (L1, L2, L3, and LN) make connection and wiring more simple and well-ordered.
Emergency stop provides convenient operation in emergent situation and when servicing.

Easy to Maintain

The daily maintenance work can be performed on both sides of the genset unit, and the wide doors allow easy access to all areas of the genset unit.
An integrated waste drainage outlet located at the bottom of the generator set makes it easier for regular maintenance.
For bigger generators, a ladder for climbing is equipped, making the genset unit easier to monitor and service.

Easy to Transport

The diesel and gas generator set (below 500kVA) have forklift holes and dragging points in the base for easy transport.
Lifting eyes located on top of canopy make the gensets easier to move by cranes.



@ 1m,dB(A)             <85
@ 7m,dB(A)             <75
@ 10m,dB(A)            <70


Prevailing Industry Standards: ISO3046,ISO8528,GB2820, BS5000PT99,AS1359,IEC34, DIN6271, BS5514.
● ISO Standards: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, ISO45001 (former OHSAS 18001)
 National & Regional Comformity Standards: CE, UL, EPA, CSA and SONCAP etc.
 Third Party Verification: SGS, CCS, BV, ABS, and DNV-GL etc.

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