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MAN Series Biogas Generation & CHPs

60kW~560kW, Compac Design, Powerful, Max efficient, High Reliable, Low Emissions, Long Serice Life
As a leading manufacture and packager for gas operated generator set, Ettes biogas engine generators & CCHPs & Cogenerations power ranging from 20kW upto 2000kW, which enjoy hot markets and high reputation in over 70 countries & regions all over the world including Latin America, Africa, South-eastern Asia, Middle East and Europe etc. 

Ettes MAN series biogas generators & CHPs are driven by engines of E0834, E0836, E2848, E2876, E2676, E3268 and E3262, with merits of high reliable, high efficient, quick installation,easy operation, low maintenance cost and long life-span. By high efficient electricity and heat generation, total CHP efficiency can reach 85%~94%. 

Besides standard package of electrical generator, Ettes can satisfy client’s special requirements and make tailored design like CHP, CCHP/Trigeneration, Cogeneration, ATS, Parallel operation system, Remote monitor & Control, Modularized soundproof & weatherproof container, which can realize the most efficient and comprehensive use of energy and generate electricity, hot water, cooled water, hot steam or hot oil etc. 
 Ettes Power Cummins Natural Gas Engine Generator Set CHP Ettespower   Ettes Power Cummins Natural Gas Engine Generator CHP Ettespower    Ettes Power Cummins Gas Engine Generator CHP Ettespower

Customer Benefits

  • Globally recognized engine brand with highly reliable performance
  • Advanced technology of lean-burn and field-tested and proven technology.
  • Adopting highly intelligent gas control system, top brands of Germany Motortech, USA Altronic and Swiss Huegli etc.
  • Low space requirement due to the most compact design.
  • Low operating costs as a result of low levels of lubricant and fuel consumption.
  • High power and maximum efficiency of electricity and heat generation, total system efficiency can reach 85%~94%.
  • Low emissions of NOx and CO due to state-of-the-art combustion technologies
  • Most environmental friendly, can satisfy strict requirements by three way catalyst or SCR.
  • Long service life resulting from application-specific design, designed for continuous duty.
  • Ensured running hours of over 8000 hours per year, overhaul time can reach over 50000 hours.
  • Broadest range of fuels, suitable for a wide range of methane based gases like natural gas (PNG, CNG, LNG), biogas  (farm digester gas, sewage gas and lanfill gas), coalmine methane and oilfield AGP gas etc.
  • Broadest applications in various fields, based on electricity generation, making heat Recovery system to realize CHP,  Cogeneration for Distribution Energy System.
  • Service and Spare parts are widely and easily available all over the world, supplied by service center of MAN agency or  ETTES POWER, to ensure smooth running in maintenance and repair. 

Suitable Gas Fuels

  • Farms Digester Biogas
  • Agricultural Straw Biogas
  • LFG (landfill biogas)
  • Sewage Biogas (Waste Water)
  • Other Methane Based Biogas
Ettes Power Biogas Production Plant Digester gas generator-Ettespower

Standards & Certificates

  • Prevailing Industry Standards: ISO3046ISO8528GB2820, BS5000PT99,AS1359,IEC34, DIN6271, BS5514.
  • ISO Standards: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, ISO45001 (former OHSAS 18001)
  • National & Regional Comformity Standards: CE, UL, EPA, CSA and SONCAP etc.
  • Third Party Certification: SGS, CCS, BV, ABS, DNV-GL and LR etc. 

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