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ETTES POWER Biogas Cogeneration System

ETTES biogas generator & CHP equipment not only provides electricity, but also heat too. This is named CHP. The heat provided can be used for hot water, heating facilities and steam. Additionally, it can also be used to generate cold. The combined utilization of heat and power can increase the comprehensive efficiency to more than 90% in the process of power generation. It can save as much as 40% of the primary energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60%. This is the reason why CHP is highly efficient and environmentally friendly.



Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Energy Utilization Technology


► Applied in agriculture. animal husbandry,Advanced power CCHP system providing combined power and heat ETTES POWER

 organic waste water. garbage burying and 

 other fields, thereby providing electricity energy

and  heat energy for biogas CHP cogeneration 

system, and  improving the comprehensive benefit 

of methane gas power plant.


► Realize the Steam, heat and electricity are 

three kinds of energy being produced on a 

cascade utilization, the heat generated from 

ETTES POWER biogas cogeneration/trigeneration is fully used. The comprehensive utilization of energy will be raised to more than 80%.


► Compared to conventional coal-fired and fossil fuels, ETTES POWER biogas cogeneration uses lean combustion technology and NOx and CO2 emissions are reduced by 60%-80%, and dust emissions closer to zero.


Widely Application Fields of Biogas Power Generator



ETTES POWER biogas engine generator & cogeneration has been

widely usedCattle-farm-biogas-power-generation-ETTES-POWER in various fields, mainly includes:


• Agricultural field: corn straw, rice straw, wheat straw, watermelonvine, greenhouse and so on.


• Livestock industry: pig farms, cattle farms, chicken farms,
sheep farms, farmhouse and so on.


• Industrial Organic waste water: brewery, paper mill, food 

factory,palm oil factory, etc.





Comprehensive advantage ETTES CHP/CCHP

 Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Energy Utilization Technology


Gas-Cogeneration-distributed-energy-cascade-utilization-ETTES-POWER• Achieve the energy cascade utilization of heat, power 

and cooling with up to 90% overall energy utilization rate.

• No need to transport and distribute and no distribution loss.

• Compared with traditional fuel coal and fossil energy, reduce the emission of NOx and CO2 by 60%-80% with nearly zero S02 and dust emission.

• Fuel can be natural gas or some special gases such as biogas, coal mine gas, oil associated gas and landfill gas.


 High-quality Product Design System for Silent and Containerized Biogas CHP/CCHP Power Station



1000kW Perkins containerized biogas generator &CHP ETTES POWER

 Perfect Products Manufacturing System



 The Functions of ETTES CHP System


Efficient CHP equipment with green energy to lower cost  

 Independent on-site energy with small footprintBiogas-Cogeneration-CHP-system-ETTES-POWER

 Suitable for different gas compositions and types with output meeting the standard of natural gas set

 Intelligent control system achieving comprehensive and effective monitor 

 Instead of diesel oil saving long-distance transportation cost

• Durable parts for continuous 50,000 service hours  

 Containerized CHP unit for quick installation and running


Safe and reliable distributed energy

 Cooling system, heating system and power system are put into module 

and distributed around users, making energy utilization safe and reliable

 Main elements of the product: gas engine, generator, heat exchange system and intelligent control system

 Suitable for large commercial communities, hotels, residential buildings etc


Technical Features of ETTES CHP System



Highly efficient gas engine with stable and strong power


Lean combustion technology with high air/fuel ratio


Automatic oil refilling system


Natural and forced ventilation integration technology


Frequency conversion control technology for fans




 Many Advanced Technologies Integrated



    1. Gas engine


    2. Synchronous alternator


    3. Gas train


    4. Heat exchanger-exhaust gas or water


    5. Daily oil tank


    6. Control cabinet


    7. Ventilation duct




Intact Configuration and ControlFreestanding-design-of-breaker-control-panel-for-biogas-generator-cogeneration-ETTES-POWER


• Touch-screen operation control system


• Electronic ignition control system based on microprocessor


• Exact speed control system for high stability of frequency


• Power output through air cooled synchronous generator


• Heat recovery through coolant and exhaust exchangers


• Integrated control cabinet with comprehensive monitor, 


control and protection


Module DesignModule-design-for-500kW-MAN-silent-gas-generator-cogeneration-ETTES-POWER


• Fuel input system, power output system and heat output 


systems all adopt module design for convenient and fast 


installation and use


• Access doors is easily dismountable


• Outdoor type units can be used directly outdoors without 


engine rooms


Advanced Waste Heat Recovery SystemHeat-recovery-system-of-containerized-CHP-ETTES-POWER


The power produced during the unit operation can meet

the demand of users, at the same time a mass of heat in

the jacket water and exhaust gas can be recovered through

heat exchangers, heat recovery boilers and chillers to

provide users heat and cooling


Paralleling/Flexible Grid Connection Technology



• Several units can run in paralleling mode for heavy-duty 

demand and automatically parallel or disconnect according 

to the changes of loadMultiple gas engine generator units parallel & fans frequency conversion control technology ETTES POWER


• ETTES POWER Control system has flexible grid connected 

control technology, which can be used for meeting the island 

mode and the synchronizing mode without restrictions..



Multiple Working Modes and Control Methods


• All power control switch, oil filling control switch, fan modes 

control switch can be operated easily

• Operation of fans can be controlled automatically or manually



Frequency Conversion Control Technology for Fans


• No need to start fans in low temperature


• Start several fans in medium temperature to both supply 

power and low gas consumption

Humanized Design and Intelligent Control


► Automatic Ooperation System with Touch ScreenAutomatic gas generator & CHP control system with touch screen ETTES POWER


● 10-inch colored touch display screen for easy data reading


● Intact parameter monitor and control of fuel, engines 


and generators


● Monitor and control of pumps, valves and fans


● Local or remote monitor and control


● Automatic oil refilling system for continuous unit running


● Extensible input and output control meeting the users 


localization demands





► Paralleling and Control Cabinet


● Integrated paralleling and control cabinet as standard configuration with IP54 protection


● Internal integrated controller and electrical equipment


● Paralleling function with other units or mains and control and protection functions


● Master control system for whole unit with interface to higher level control unit


● Easy paralleling with mains in peak shaving mode, output to mains mode or isolated mode



Automatic Charging SystemLighting-system-power-switch-cabinet-for-biogas-container-CHP-cogeneration-ETTES-POWER


Automatically check the voltage of the battery ensuring the 

voltage in the applicable range and the unit can start at any time


Power Switch Cabinet

With IP54 protection and internal integrated electrical 

components such as main breaker, CT, VT and busbar, the 

cabinet control output of power


Lighting System


Interior lighting system provides sufficient lighting for 

convenient daily maintenance and service


Controller Ccommunication iInterface


For remote monitor and other communication functions


Automatic Oil Refilling System


The oil level controller monitors the engine oil at any time. 

When the level is lower than the set point, daily auxiliary oil 

pump will fill automatically until reaching the set point. With 

big-size inspection Automatic-oil-refilling-system-for-generator-set-and-CHP-SYSTEM-ETTES-POWERwindow, the oil level controller is convenient

to check the oil level


Support OSC(online and offline service center) 

Service System


● Easy connection to the computer for convenient data share 

and control


● Achieving remote monitor and inspection, inspection aid 

and faults diagnosis


● Running status monitored and parameter feedback of all

 units which have been delivered

High Safety


Products are fitted with many kinds of sensors and safety valves, integrating control, measurement and protection functions



► Cylinder Temperature Protection SystemGas-train-of-MAN-biogas-generator-cogeneration-system-ETTES-POWER


Cylinder temperature sensors or exhaust manifold temperature sensors can measure the combustion or exhaust gas temperature and send signals to the control system to monitor engine's operation condition and ensure normal operation.


► Detonation Control System


Based on the signals from sensors, the controller sends out analog signals to ignition system after processing so as to adjust ignition timing, reduce load or shutdown to avoid detonation.


► Gas Leakage Protection Device


This avoids gas leakage and once the gas leaks, gas pipeline will 

be turned off and alarms will be sent out.


► Lightning Protection Device


The device can introduce lightning into the earth and protect 

personnel and equipment from lightning stroke.



► Smoke Alarm SystemSmoke-alarm-system-of-biogas-container-generator-set-CHP-ETTES-POWER


Internal smoke status is detected in time and once excessive smoke is detected, the system would send out a warning to prevent fire spreading or explosion.


► Electrical Inlet and Outlet Shutter


The shutters control inlet and outlet automatically, i.e. close shutters when CHP unit stops or open them when CHP unit starts, 

thus these achieve automatic adjustment and prevent small 

animals entering into the unit when it stops. Once gas leakage 

happens, they are closed automatically to isolate internal air Remote-radiators-of-natural-gas-generator-cogeneration-system-ETTES-POWER

and prevent explosion.


► Air Circuit Breaker


Well-known brand breaker is integrated Into breaker cabinet with 

control and various protection functions against overload short circuit, under voltage etc.


► Emergency Radiator


When the heat load is lower, the radiator is Electrical-inlet-and-outlet-shutter-for-containerized-gas-generation-CHP-ETTES-POWERused to cool jacket water and turbocharged mixture to keep coolant and suction mixture temperature in permissible range.


► Separation of Heavy Current and Light Current


All the cables have protective covers with support and fixation device.

High Durability



1. High-strength base frame


2. Coupling


3. Stainless steel pipes


4. Oil filtration system


5. Vibration isolator





Coupling Connection


Coupling between engine and alternator dampens rotational vibrations and load surge, and limits torque to protect the

actuator from overload.


Integrated Oil Filtration SystemHigh-durability-biogas-generator-CHP-ETTES-POWER


Equipped filters separate dust, metal scraps, carbon deposit etc. efficiently and restrain abrasion of engine parts for

example crankshaft to prolong the unit's lifetime.



Standard Container Frame


Made of corten steel. the container is manufactured 

as ISO standard container and accordant with shipping 

regulations and CSA certificate. Stainless steel bolls 

and locks are installed on the exterior of container for 

corrosion resistance and long life.


High-strength Base FrameDiagram-of-High-efficiency-Environmentally-friendly-gas-driven-generator-CHP-System-ETTES-POWER

High quality steel monocoque base frame with reinforcement design is manufactured with advanced welding technology.



Flexible Exhaust Bellows

Bellows installed between exhaust manifold and silencer keeps exhaust assembly in flexible connection, depresses vibration and noise and prolongs the service life of exhaust system.


Vibration Isolators

Vibration isolators with high capability are installed between engine/alternator and base frame, and anti-vibration capability of CHP unit is in accordance with GB/T2820.9.


Accordant with Emission Requirement

Advanced gas engine emission control lower NOx and CO2 by 60-80% and S02 and dust to nearly zero compared with coal and fossil energy. Baseframe adopts waterproof design to avoid leakage of coolant and lube oil.

Application of Special Gas


● CHP solves the problem of waste disposal and protects

the environment. Electricity produced meets the local demand and public grid. Heat produced is recovered to optimize the living condition.


● With purification treatment, associated gas can be used as 

the fuel of CHP units to supply continuous power and heat for 

oil field drilling and guarantee the normal production.


● About 100-200m3 landfill gas with the heat value of 3.5-5.5kWh/m3 is produced per 1 ton landfill. It is a high-quality 

fuel used on the CHP units, and so this saves energy and protects the environment.

Compliance Standards

Prevailing Industry Standards: ISO3046,ISO8528,GB2820, BS5000PT99,AS1359,IEC34, DIN6271, BS5514.
ISO Standards: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, ISO45001 (former OHSAS 18001)
National & Regional Comformity Standards: CE, UL, EPA, CSA and SONCAP etc.
Third Party Verification: SGS, CCS, BV, ABS, and DNV-GL etc.

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