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  • The auxiliary marine generators are for shipyards in Singapore, running as marine main power generation in open skid mounted type, heat exchanger with sea water pump. Power ratings at 800kW/1000kVa, driven by Cummins marine engine of K38-DM coupled with marathon MP series alternators, TIER II emissions level, certified by CCS marine classification society & EIAPP.
  • A typical emergency diesel generation power plant for manufacturing facilities located in Incheon South Korea. The generating sets are at power ratings of 600kW/750kVa & 900kW/1125kVa, driven by Cummins engines of KT38-G & KTA38-G4 coupled with Marathon alternators, control system is with ATS/ACS Functions for auto power transfer between genset and state grid utility.
  • This deal is processed by ETTES sales agency, the generator sets are promoted to Africa markets including Nigeria, Tanzania, Zimbabwe & Zambia etc. Gensets are in soundproof canopy with 8 hours base fuel tanks, driven by Cummins diesel engines of 4B3.9, 6B5.9, 6C8.3 & NT855-G, coupled with Stamford alternators. The gen sets mainly work as emergency power supply.
  • Located in Rio de Janeiro, project of Airplane sub materials manufacture center, Ettes 2×1000kVa Cummins diesel generator sets in sound attenuated containers driven by engine KTA38-G5, working as emergency power supply. The control system is configured with ATS panel of DSE7320 module to realize non-stop electricity transfer between diesel genset and mains grid.  
  • Six phases diesel generation plant (50Hz,6.3kV), total for six working sites, each site with 4×2000kW MTU gensets working in parallel (engine model 20V4000G23), modular containerized generation station for outdoor applications, coupled with ABB high voltage alternator & ComAp control module, working as Emergency Standby Power for manufacturing facility.
  • The project is with two phases for applications of TELECOM Datacenters in Brazil, total capacity is 20MW, namely 10x2000Kw MTU containerized diesel generators working in parallel with mains grid, acting as the most reliable emergency power resources. The genset is driven by MTU Engine of 16V4000G63, coupled with Stamford Alternators and Deepsea control model of DSE8620…
  • Project Name 3×1100kw Cummins Marine Engine Generators to Singapore Working Area Offshore Drilling Platform, AustraliaGenset Type Open Skid Mounted Marine Generating SetApplication:Three marine engine generation working in parallelGensets Models EC-1100M6 (60Hz, AC690V) Rated Power 1100kW/1375kVa Gensets
  • The gensets are for Communications Centers & Buildings, Telkom Indonesia, located in Batam Islands, open skid mounted generator sets driven by Cummins engines of NT855, KTA19-G, KTA38-G and KTA38-G9, coupled with Stamford alternators, operated as emergency/standby power by paralleling with mains utility, supplying UPS (non-stop) electricity to load equipments…
  • Project Small Vessels Auxiliary Generation Working Area Engine Room Genset Type Open Skid Generator, 50HZ, 415V Gensets Models Cummins ECM-50, ECM-100 Prime Power 40Kw/50kVa, 80kW/100kVa Gensets QTY18 Units Engine Model 4BT3.9-GM47, 6BTA5.9-GM100 Alternator Marathon MP Series Working Mode Marine Power Generator
  • The generations units are for backup power for telecom communications centers, 2×1600Kw gensets working in parallel, open type power generating set driven by Deutz engines of TBD620V16, coupled with Siemens high voltage alternators, configured by high voltage cubicles of PT cabinet, DC panel, Parallel Panel, High voltage switch gear panel & Main outlet panel etc…
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