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China Supplier factory for Cummins power generation CCHP Ettes Power
Ettes Power generator sets are driven by engines of Cummins MAN MWM
Ettes Power genset driven by engines of Cummins MAN MWM MTU
Testing of ETTES Container Gas CHP Cogeneration by MAN & MWM engines
Commissioning of 300kW Cummins natural gas Engine Generator Ettes Power
Cummins diesel engines in Stock K19 K38 K50 Series Ettes Power
warehouse of Ettes power MTU MAN MWM engines
80kW 100kVa 200kVa Cummins Diesel engine Genset- Ettes Power
MAN 200kW 300kW combined heat & power CHP engine generator Ettes Power
Bench testing of Cummins natural gas engine generator Ettespower
warehouse of Ettes power factory diesel & gas spare parts
800kW 1000kVa Cummins diesel engine generation gensets- Ettes Power
Cummins soundproof low noise 200kW 300kVa diesel gensets Ettes Power
Canopy container Generator set packing port handling Ettes Power

ETTES is the leading genset & CHP manufacturer, a member of top 500 in sector of China E&M equipments. Based on strategy of “Superior Engine Generation, Drive a Better World”, we adopt top engines to assemble complete gas generator set…

What We Do

MAN 500kW Soundproof cogeneration CHP Engine generator set Ettes Power
Cummins modularized container biogas engine generator CHP Ettespower
MWM 9x1MW containerized APG natural gas power plant Ettes Power
500kW MAN modularized silent gas power generation & CHP Ettes Power
Factory testing of Cummins gas engine generator cogenerations Ettespower
7x1MW MWM oilfield methane gas PNG power station Ettes Power
MAN 200kW 300kW combined heat & power CHP engine generator Ettes Power
7MW 6×1200KW oilfield associated gas power plant Ettes Group
4MW 4×1MW container APG gas engines generation Ettes Group
MWM 7x 1000kW 1MW oilfield natural gas power plant Ettes Power
control panel for gas engine generating power station Ettes Power
offshore oilfield natural gas power generation CHP Ettes Power
MAN 400kW 500kW container oilfield gas engine generator set Ettes Power
MAN 500kW sewage gas biogas engine generators CCHP Ettes Power
MWM farm digester landfill gas biogas engine generator CHP Ettes Power

ETTES supply overall solutions for diesel power generator and gas engine generators & CHPs & power plants from 20kW to 3000kW for applications in various sectors & fields, driven by engines of Cummins, MAN, MWM, Mitsubishi and CNPC Series

Our Service

biogas power plant engine generator tailored design Ettes Power
after sale service team for gas engine generating set Ettes Power
BV witness testing and commissioning of natural gas generation & CHP
Cummins CHP biogas engine generator maintenance Ettes Power
500kW 600kVa Cummins modularized container gas CCHP Ettes Power
1MW special gas power generation Installment & commissioning Ettes Power
2MW power plant engine generator unit troubleshooting Ettes power
training for diesel & gas engine generating unit generation Ettes Group
spare parts of CAT MWM MTU gas diesel generator Ettes Power

Based on Customer-oriented policy, ETTES provides all-in-one services including project consultation, tailored design, supervision of installation & commissioning & training, O & M  of diesel and gas power plant and life-cycle all-around supports…

Key Products

Diesel Engine Generation

Gas Engine Generator 

Soundproof Generator Set

Containerized Gas CCHP

News & Projects

Cummins diesel  gensets to Batam Indonesia   


Cummins standby emergency diesel engine generating unit Ettes Power Group

The gensets run as standby-emergency power, by synchronizing to mains grid with two ACB & Deepsea 8620 control modules, supplying non-stop...

4MW Gas Power Station to Oilfield Kazakhstan


MWM CAT TCG 2020 4x1MW APG natural gas power plant Ettes Group

4×1MW modular containerized natural gas engine generators & CHPs , running in island mode, supply continuous energy to tricky loads of drilling rigs etc...

6MW Gas Power Plant to Oilfield Latin America


5MW Associated petroleum gas power station Engine Generator Ettes Power

6×1MW modularized container gas power station for CNPC oilfield in Peru. Generators working mode is operations at networks, paralleling with mains grid


Ettes Power Diesel & Gas Fired Engine Generation & CHPs

Supplying of high reliable power generator package & solutions to global markets…

Shipment & Turning Over of Ettes Power Machinery Package

All-around services, strong support for gas power plant’s installation, commissioning & training...

Site Testing & Troubleshooting of Ettes Power Generator Plant

Engines loads test on site, control & protection test, multiple functions test of gensets & cogenerations...

Installation & Commissioning of Ettes Power Generator Sets

Ettes Power Generators Installation & Commissioning service for gas engine generator set & CHPs...


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