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  • A typical WtE project with two phases, the first phase is 3x600kW, the second phase is   4x600kW working in parallel, driven by engine of low speed 8300 series specially designed for biomass gas fuel. By using feedstocks of MSW (Municipal solid waste), through biomass gasifier to produce combustible synthesis gas, the plant is synchronized with utility and export energy…
  • Waste to Energy project, 13x500kW syngas engines running in parallel, synchronized with utility. By using feedstocks of woodchips & rice husks, through biomass gasifier to produce combustible gas fuel, for cogeneration of electricity (for exporting energy) & hot steam (for drying feestocks) & byproducts of biochars, forming a comprehensive energy utilization system…
  • The plant consists 7x500KW ETTES brand Syngas Biomass engine CHP working in parallel and synchronized with mains. The Cogeneration is for both electricity generation to export energy to utility, while heat recovery from exhaust to generate hot steam to heat dry stocks (raw materials of sawdust & woodchips), forming a comprehensive high efficient energy utilization system …
  • The power plant consists 7x500KW Syngas Biomass engine CHPs working in parallel (1 unit standby) and synchronized with mains grid. The biomass fuel is produced from gasification processing of raw materials of sawdust & woodchips. Generations of electricity & hot steam for comprehensive energy utility system, the plant investment recovery time is 18 months only…
  • By gasification processing of ricehusks & woodwastes, producing combustible synthesis biomass gas fuel, The power plant is composed of 8x500kW engines working in parallel & synchronized with GRID, exporting energy at sponsored rates. The engine is low speed 8300 series at 600RPM, coupled with Siemens IF6 Series alternators & USA Alronic ignition systems…
  • A typical WtE project, The gas fuel is syngas-biomass by gasification processing from ricehusks and woodchips, the power plant consist 2x600KW (8300 series, open skid mounted engine generators) working in parallel & run in COP applications. The engines are synchronized with GRID, exporting 1MW electricity to networks, the other 200kw energy is for plant-inernal use…
  • The power plant consist 6x500KW (8300 series, low speed of 600RPM) working in parallel & run in COP applications. The syngas is byproduct during coke-production in coking plant, with high hydrogen content 60%~65%, ETTES designed internal mixing system to avoid problems of back-fire & cylinder knocking. In General, 3CBM syngas can generate 1KWH electricity…
  • The power plant consist 12x500KW generators & synchronized with mains (8 cylinders in line, DSPL 215L, BorexStroke:300 x 380mm, Naturally Aspirated, speed of 600RPM, two units engines as backup), running about 7200 hours per year. The fuel is with high content of TAR. To avoid cylinder-blocking by TAR, ETTES specially designed TAR-removal system on the engines…
  • Through biomass gasification system, by use of raw feedstocks of woodchips, sawdust and coconut shells, producing combustible synthesis biomass fuel. The power plant consist 7x500KW (open skid mounted generator) working in parallel (1 unit backup), generating electricity and selling to utility, producing hot steam by heat recovery from exhaust gas to dry raw materials…

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