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60kW Biogas Generator

Ettes Power Cummins series 60kW biogas generator & CCHPs, high performance & high efficiency for project of cogenerator of WtE (waste to energy) & distributed energy system.
  • EC-60B5


  • ECB Cummins 60kW biogas generator Series



Ettes Power Cummins Natural Gas Engine Generator set CCHP

 Genset Main Technical Data
Genset Model: EC-60B5 

Power Rating (kW/kVa)

60 / 75
MFG. Standards ISO 3046 & ISO8528
Rated Frequnendy 50Hz/60Hz
Electrical Efficiency
Heat Efficiency 48.9%
Total Efficiency 81.7%
Fuel consumption @100% load, m³/h 29
Control System UK Deepsea, ComAp or Equal
Manufacturer ETTES POWER

  Gas Engine Main Technical Data
Engine Brand & Model Cummins 6BTA5.9-G
Engine Type Four stroke, Turbo Charged, Lean Burn
Cylinder Arrangement Inline
Bore x Stroke (mm) 102X120
Displacement (L) 5.9
Compressin Ratio 10.5:1
Rated Speed (rpm)

Rated Output Power (kW)

Rotation Diretion Anti-clockwise Viewed on Flywheel
Oil consumption (g/kWh) <0.45

    Altternator Main Technical Data
Alternator Brand Leroy Somer or Equal
Model LSA Series
Standards ISO 8528-3, CE, ISO9001 and ISO 14001
Frequnendy (Hz) 50
Rated Voltage (V) 400
Excitation Method

Self-excited (AREP), Brushless, AVR

Phase / Connection

3 Phase 4 Wire, Y-Connecton

Power Fator (COSΦ) 0.8 (adjustable) 
Protection Level / Installation Class IP 23/ H

 Main Options


Jacket water heater

Cylinder temp. protection system


Space heater

Treatments against humidity and corrosion

Lubrication system

Daily auxiliary oil tank

Auto refilling oil system

Electrical system


ATS control cabinet

Thermal power gauge Electric power gauge

Sync paralleling control system

Gas supply system Gas flow gauge

► Dimensions and Weights

Open Type Dimension, mm 2450x 1100x1550

Weight, kg


Soundpoof Type

Dimension 3550 x 1400 x 1800
Weight 1650

► Delivery Time

About 45~60 days after order confirmation.

About Cummins Gas Engine Generators

20kW~1000kW, Reliable, Clean, Quiet, Powerful

As a leading manufacturer and assembler for whole gas driven generator set & CHPs in China, Ettes mainly adopt Cummins engines of 4B3.9, 6B5.9, 6C8.3, NT855, KT19, KT38 and KT50 etc, with features of high reliable, quick installation, easy operation and low maintenance cost. In addition to standard package of gas fired generator, client’s special requirements can be tailored such as CHP(combined heat and power), Cogeneration, trigeneration ,combined cold heat and power (CCHP), ATS, Parallel operation system, Remote monitor & Control, Modularized soundproof & weatherproof container. 

► About Production Standards & Certification

 Prevailing Industry Standards: ISO3046,ISO8528,GB2820, BS5000PT99,AS1359,IEC34, DIN6271, BS5514.

 ISO Standards: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, ISO45001 (former OHSAS 18001)

• National & Regional Conformity Standards: CE, UL, EPA, CSA and SONCAP etc.

 Third Party Certification for Gensets: SGS, CCS, BV, ABS and DNV-GL etc. 

► Adopted World Top Materials to Assemble Gas Generating Set

 Gas Engines Brands: Cummins

 Alternators Brands: Leroy Somer, Stamford AVK,

 Control System: Deepsea, ComAp 

 Air Circuit Breaker/Switchgear: ABB, Schneider, Eaton or Siemens

 Governing Actuator: Swiss Huegli, Germany Mototerch  

 Air-Gas Mixer: Auto, Electrically controlled, Germany Motortech or Swiss Huegli

 Ignition System: Germany Mototerch, USA Altronic or Swiss Huegli

• Key Materials of CHP System: Siemens, Alfa laval, Swep and Grundfos

 Gas Train (safty valves): Germany Dungs, Chroms or Italy Madas

 Tailored configuration: Common soundproof canopy, 20 & 40 feet modular container, ATS/ACS system, Synchronization parallel panel, Remote control & Scada system, Oil & cylinder water heater, Anti-condensation heater (space heater), Digital AVR, AREP/PMG system, IP44 protection level & B class temperature rise, High voltage alternator (3.3kV, 6.3kV, 10.5kV etc.), CHP, CCHP, and Trigeneration etc.

► Applicable Gas Fuels & Quality Requirements

• Farms Biogas

• Digester Biogas

Manure Biogas

Agricultural Straw Biogas

LFG (landfill biogas)

Sewage Biogas (Waste Water)

Other Digester Biogas

Composition Abbr. Limits Remarks
Methane number MN >100 for biogas For Lower value, please consult ETTES POWER
Calorific value Hμ,N Lower value of 36MJ/Nm³ Standard Calorific Value for Ettes Datasheet as per 
ISO8528/1, ISO3046/1 and BS5514/1.
Chlorine CL <80 mg / Nm³ CH4

For higher value, please consult ETTES POWER

Fluoride F <40 mg / Nm³ CH4 For higher value, please consult ETTES POWER
Total-chlorine Fluoride ∑(Cl,F) <80 mg / Nm³ CH4 For higher value, please consult ETTES POWER
Dust / <5μm
<10 mg / Nm³ CH4
For higher value, please consult ETTES POWER
Oil Vapor  / <400 mg / Nm³ CH4 No condensation may occur in the mixture section
Silicon Element Si <2 mg / Nm³ CH4 For higher value, please consult ETTES POWER
Sulphur S <200 mg / Nm³ For higher values, please consult ETTES POWER
Hydrogen Sulphide H2S <150 ppm or <228 mg / Nm³ For higher value, please consult ETTES POWER
Ammonia NH3 <40 ppm or<30 mg / Nm³ For other values, please consult ETTES POWER
Gas Pressure Range / 5kPa~20kPa For other values, please consult ETTES POWER
Gas Temperature / <30℃ For other values, please consult ETTES POWER


Overseas Market Sales Dept.

Add: No 188, Anshan West Road, Nankai District, Tianjin,  China

General Line: +86-22-23796980
Sales Line 01:+86-13672013688
Sales Line 02:+86-15620075781
FAX: +86-22-23796811
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