4x520kW Container Farm Gas Biogas CHPs to Western France

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4x520kW Container Farm Gas Biogas CHPs to Western France

Project Profile

of Gas Power Plant

Project Name:

4×520kW MAN Series Container Biogas CHPs (400V, 50Hz)

Working Area:

Farms Near to Seaside, Western France

Gas Fuel:

Farm Biogas (Methane Number is Over 100).

Generator Type:

Containerized Type Intelligent CHP for Outdoor Application

Operating Mode:

Electricity Generation &   Exporting to Network

Gas Cogeneration Config.

Genset Model:


Rated Electric Power:


Rated Thermal Power:


Electric Efficiency:


Heat Efficiency:


Total Efficiency:


Gas Engine:

MAN E3262LE202

Burn Technology:

Lean Burn, Excess Air Factor  (Lambda) 1.57

Cooling Method:

Heat Exchanger Water Cooling  for Cogeneration Unit

Emergency Closed Water Cooling by Table Fan Radiator


Leroy Somer LSA 49.3 Series

H ClassTemperature Rise, IP 23 Protection Level

R450 AVR, AREP/PMG System

Control System:

Fully Intelligent CHP Control by ComAp

Three Way Valve

Siemens from Germany for Application of Heat Recovery


Motortech from Germany

Air-Gas Mixer:

Auto, Electrically Controlled , Brand Motortech from Germany

Ignition System:

Motortech from Germany

Spark Plugs:

Motortech from Germany

Gas Train:

Ball Valve, Gas Filter, Pressure Regulation Valve, Pressure Gauge, Solenoid Valve, Flame Arrestor.

Make/brand Germany Dungs etc.


USA  Eaton

Gas Fuel Consumption

0.4 CBM/kWh 

Lub Oil consumption

0.15 g/kWh 


Special Demand:

Jacket water heater;

300L Lub Oil Automatic Supply System;

Remote Control Panel & Cloud Monitor;

Special Treatment of CHP’s Components Against High Corrosive Environment Nearby Seaside.


Combined Heat & Power

Exporting Electricity Energy to Mains Grid, 24 Hours /7 Days

Generating Hot Water of 85   for Purpose of Heating & Drying

Commissioning year

Mar, 2022

500kw 1000kw MAN Series Container gas engine generator set ETTES POWER1MW MAN Series Soundproof & Weatherproof Biogas Generator & CHP ETTES POWER

· ETTES MAN Series 2MW (2000kW) Container Biogas Generator Set & CHP System

500kW MAN Series Containerized Biogas Generaing Set & CHP ETTES POWER1MW 1000kW MAN Series Containerized Biogas Cogeneration ETTES POWER

· ETTES Containerized Biogas Generating Set & CHP Driven by MAN E3262LE202

Motortech Ignition Coils for MAN Biogas Cogeneration & CCHP ETTES POWERComAp Control System and Eaton Breaker Panels of MAN CHP ETTES POWER

· Motortech Ignition Coil & Control & Breaker Panel for ETTES MAN Biogas CHP Units

Fully Intelligent Control by ComAp of 520kW MAN CHP ETTES POWERMotortech Control Module of MAN Biogas Generator CHP ETTES POWER

· Fully Intelligent Control System by ComAp & Mortotech for ETTES MAN Farm Biogas CHP

Dungs Gas Train of 500kW MAN Biogas Container CHP Units ETTES POWERLine direction design in Container of MAN Biogas CHP ETTES POWER

· ETTES Gas Train by Dungs Valves & Cables Layout inside Container of MAN Cogeneration

Intelligent Heat Recovery System Inside Container of MAN Biogas CHP ETTES POWERIntelligent Heat Recovery System for MAN Bioigas Power Generation & CHP ETTES POWER

· ETTES Intelligent Heat Recovery System for 500kW MAN Series Biogas Combined Heat and Power

Automatic Lub Oil Supply System for 500kW MAN CHP-ETTES POWERHeat Exchanger for MAN Series Containerized Gas Cogeneration & CHP ETTES POWER

· ETTES Automatic Lub Oil Supply System & Heat Exchanger for MAN Biogas CHP

Emergency Jacket Water Radiator for MAN 520KW GAS CHP ETTES POWERRadiator for MAN 500KW 1000kW Biogas Power Genration & CHP ETTES POWER

· ETTES Intercooler & Emergency Radiator for MAN 500kW Biogas Genset & Combined Heat and Power

Papers & Files Package of 520kW MAN Gas Genrating Set & CHP ETTES POWRPapers & Files Package of 520kW MAN Gas Engine Generator & CHP ETTES POWR

· ETTES Papers & Files Package of 500kW MAN Container Biogas Cogeneration Power Plant

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