2.5MW (5X500kW) Cummins Series Natural Gas Power Plant to Russia

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2.5MW (5X500kW) Cummins Series Natural Gas Power Plant to Russia

Project Profile of Oilfield Gas Power Generator

Project Name

2.5MW Oilfield Associated Gas Power Station (400V, 50Hz)

Working Area

Oil and Gas Field, Gazprom Russia

Gas Fuel

Associated Petroleum Gas (APG) / Well Gas

Genset Type

Container Gas Generating Set (Soundproof & Weatherproof)

Genset Number

5×500kW Working in Parallel

Operating Mode

Island Mode (isolated from Mains Grid)

Gas Generation Config

Genset Model


Rated Power


Gas Engine

Cummins KTA38-G

Burn Technology

Learn Burn, Excess Air Factor(Lambda)1.55

Cooling Method

Closed Water Cooling by Fan Radiator


Leroy Somer LSA Series

Control System

ComAp IG-NTC-GC & ABB Circuit Breaker


Woodward from USA

Throttle Valve

Motortech from Germany

Air Gas Mixer

Auto, Electrically Controlled, Swiss Huegli

Ignition System

Altronic from USA

Spark Plugs

Motortech, STITT or Equal

Gas Train

Ball Valve, Gas Filter, Pressure Regulation Valve, Pressure Gauge, Flame Arrester, Solenoid Valve;

Make: USA Fisher Itron,Italy Fiorentini etc.

Gas Fuel Consumption

0.3 cbm/kWh   

Lub. Oil Consumption

0.39 g / kWh  


Special Demand

Oil and Jacket Water Heater and Insulation Materials for Container Building

Auto Refilling Oil System

Specially Designed Cooling Fan Radiator against High Temperature    

Anti Condensation Heater

Working Mode

Island Mode, Baseload Working


Supply Continuous Electric Power to Oilfield Load Equipments

Commissioning Year

Mar, 2023

300kW 500kW Cummins Container Gas Generator CNG PNG LNG CHP ETTES POWERCummins 500kW Well Gas Generating Set Working in Parallel ETTES POWER

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Accessory Documents for 500kW Cummins Oilfield Gas Generator Set ETTES POWERAccessory Documents for Cummins Well Gas Power Plant CHP ETTES POWER

· ETTES Documents for 500kW Cummins Series Associated Petroleum Gas (APG) Generation

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